Where can I buy Cuna de Piedra?

If you are in Mexico or the United States, you can buy through our online store. If you are in another country or want to buy from us in a physical store, check our where to find us section. 


Where is Cuna de Piedra produced?

The cacao of our bars comes from Soconusco Chiapas and Comalcalco Tabasco. We also use cacao from Chinantla Oaxaca and Tecpatán Chiapas for our drinking chocolate. Everything is processed in Monterrey, Mexico.


Can I buy a single bar of 35 gr (1.2 IZ)?

We do not sell them separately, only in our box that contains 7.


Should I keep my bars in the fridge after opening them?

We do not recommend refrigerating them, but do keep them in environments no hotter than 22 °C (71,6°F).


Does Cuna de Piedra with Mezcal contain alcohol?

No, our products do not contain alcohol.


Does Cuna de Piedra contain any possibly allergenic agents?

Our bars may contain traces of wheat, soy, milk, nuts, eggs and peanuts.


What does bean-to-bar means?

It is a chocolate-making process in which the manufacturer controls every step, from the harvesting of the cacao bean to the wrapping of the bar. This is extremely important to ensure fair and humane practices. It also produces a healthier product, as it does not use the chemicals and additives that many larger brands use to speed up the manufacturing process.